Starting Thursday, February 2nd — we will be transitioning our brand from Cryptowalkers to Walker World.

Walker World
2 min readFeb 2, 2023

Hello everyone,

We have some exciting news! We’re rebranding our Twitter handle from @WalkersCrypto to @WalkerWorld_, as well as rebranding our 3D avatar collections known as “Cryptowalkers” to simply “Walkers.” Why you may ask? We want to appeal to a wider audience and make our game, brand, and world more accessible and inviting to everyone. Walker World is our game, brand, and the world we are building — and it will be our legacy, overarching brand going forward. Our digital collectibles/NFT collections including our 3D walking avatars, weapons, future vehicles, and land will all fall under the Walker World umbrella. As we evolve, we’re embarking on this identity change to appeal to a wider Web2 audience and traditional gamers.

This rebranding reflects our mission to onboard traditional gamers and make our space more approachable for those unfamiliar with the world of blockchain. With this change, we are confident that we will make Walker World more inviting to everyone, whether they are familiar with our space or not, and we can’t wait to see where this journey takes us.

Thank you for your support, and we hope you will join us as we embark on this new chapter as Walkers in Walker World. You may see a number of brand-related changes taking place throughout the week, most notably our newly rebranded Twitter account.

We’re incredibly excited for this new chapter in our lifecycle, and very much look forward to continuing our journey together as Walkers in Walker World 🚀

New Twitter Account:

Going forward, @[WalkerWorld_] (formerly the @walkerscrypto account), will be the primary Twitter account for all things Walker World.

Stay Vigilant:

As always, be extra vigilant as there are scammers everywhere. Please close your DMs and don’t click on random links other than what we have posted in our 🔗-official-links channel. Stay safe out there.


The Walker Labs Team



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