Over the Reality x Cryptowalkers | Play & Earn Treasure Hunt | $5,000 Worth Of Prizes

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3 min readJun 15, 2022



We are so excited to be partnering with Over The Reality, OVER is an #AR #NFT #Metaverse platform that layers over the entire world. Imagine, create & sell experiences for B2B + B2C. Their decentralized digital layer enables OVER users to create never-before-seen geolocalized experiences. Now, it’s your turn to stake a claim. Users can go in search of 3D assets around the world thanks to augmented reality, and in this case, it will be our iconic suitcase from the Cryptowalkers Collection.

Our treasure hunt with OVR will start on June 14th and last for one month, ending on July 14th. Can you find our hidden suitcases?

Follow these steps to get started & have your chance at winning some of the amazing prizes we have in store! The 5 who collect the most 3D assets win NFTs worth $5000 offered by the partner project.


Step 1. Download the OVER App either on Apple or Google Play

Step 2. Login using your preferred social media (Facebook, Apple, Wechat, Google)

Step 3. Click on the Cryptowalkers banner below on the homepage

Step 4. Start collecting the special suitcases

The Prize Pool

1st place:

Zombie Walker, Custom Machine Gun, & Walkerlist spot for Cryptowalkers Females collection

2nd place:

Zombie Walker, Holo Sniper Rifle, & Walkerlist spot for Cryptowalkers Females collection

3rd place:

WGMI Helmet Walker, Gold SMG, & Walkerlist spot for Cryptowalkers Females collection

4th place:

Jason/Baseball Bat Walker & Walkerlist spot for Cryptowalkers Females collection

5th place:

Sheriff Walker & Walkerlist spot for Cryptowalkers Females collection

About OVR

OVR is a cutting edge AR platform powered by the Ethereum Blockchain. OVR makes it possible for users provided with a mobile device or a smart glass to live interactive augmented reality experiences customized in the real world. OVR can be defined as a new standard in augmented reality where geographical experiences are based on the user’s position.

Website I Facebook I Twitter I Telegram I Reddit

CAUTION: Once the Treasure hunt begins hunt begins, OVR will apply automatic and manual checks to remove users that are exploiting the system. Behaviours subject to flagging include but are not limited to: using Emulators, mocked GPS turning on in the device, no sim devices, concurrency of multiple devices with the same account, etc.

Participants should not participate in the activities mentioned above. If these activities are detected, they will immediately be subject to bans via the OVR platform.

The Cryptowalkers suitcases will soon be hidden across the lands. Prepare yourself, general, and venture forth into the field. For riches and for fortune!



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