First Look at Cryptowalkers: Female Collection — Coming late 2022

A glimpse into the future. Are you ready?

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4 min readMay 17, 2022

Today is a special day. For the first time ever, we unveil and give a sneak peek of our highly awaited and anticipated Female Collection to the world. Not too long ago in December, we minted and sold out our Genesis Collection of 6545 Cryptowalkers, the unique digital collectibles & fully rigged animated characters living on the Ethereum Blockchain, full of sass and pizzazz, that we have all come to love.

Cryptowalkers: Female Collection — Coming Summer 2022

Since the beginning, we’ve had ambitions to roll out a counterpart Female Collection. We have been in the lab hard at work developing & designing this important milestone in our Metaverse mission and journey that truly represents so much more than just a secondary Collection. This undertaking and initiative is rooted in inclusion, diversity, representation, expansion, and growth.

The team has been working around the clock, day and night, to deliver all of the exciting content and initiatives to come. It takes time to properly scale, establish partnerships, raise venture capital, nurture community, and build out a Play&Earn game, world, and tokenomics that map out years worth of utility, and consider cross-chain & cross-collection interoperability to ensure maximum usability with minimum fees or inconveniences. All with the goal of an Open Metaverse in mind. We are focused on building a bleeding-edge company, collection, and community. Our vision is expansive, but our feet are planted firmly on the ground.

The core community of Cryptowalkers is a loyal and strong one. Through this collection, we are excited to expand and bring in more Walker friends to our family. It has been a fulfilling journey thus far — and many more exciting initiatives are in development.

Today, we unveil our Walkerlist criteria. The ways one can get Walkerlisted (aka allowlisted) will continue to expand + evolve, so keep an eye out on our Announcements + Social Media channels. More information on Presale, Public Sale, and Mint Price will be announced in the near future.

We are so excited to be on this journey with you all. We are full steam ahead on our journey ahead to Walker World and the Open Metaverse. To infinity and beyond!

How do I get on the Female Walkerlist?

To best serve our loyal Walkers, while still paving way for new holders, we are weaving the importance of partnerships, discord roles, and community engagement into our criteria. We strive to bring in new holders and communities to our Open Metaverse. We will also be using Premint for our Walkerlist — more details to come around this closer to mint. Here are our on-going roles.

Role Glossary —

Whales = 12 Walkers

6545 Role = Holder Of At Least One Walker From Genesis Collection

Runner = Level 15 On Discord

Zombie = Level 25 On Discord

Mutated = Level 30 On Discord

CW Weapons = Holder Of At Least 1 Weapon

Arms Dealer = Holder Of At Least 10 Weapons

How To Get Walkerlisted —

3 Walkers = Guaranteed 1 Free Mint of our Female Collection

6545 Role = 1 Walkerlist

Runner Role = 1 Walkerlist

Zombie Role= 2 Walkerlists

Mutated Role= 3 Walkerlists

Whale Role= 3 Walkerlists

Zombie Arm Trait= 1 Zombie Female Walkerlist

It will not be possible to stack mints or roles, you will qualify for the highest tier you fall under.

If you hold 3 or more Walkers, you will get 1 Female NFT per 3 Walkers in your wallet.

XP Happy Hour for Discord Levels & Points: Every day, at 2pm EST & 6pm EST, we have happy hours, where you can level up & earn 2x XP points.

The more you are active and chat in our Discord, the more XP points you get. To check your current points and level, go to our channel 🤖┃bot-commands in Discord.

How do I get on the Female Walkerlist if I am not a holder of the collection or do not fit the above parameters?

We strive to make Walkerlist requirements fair to everyone. There are limited Walkerlist spots designated for people who positively and passionately impact the community. We believe in organic growth of the community and we want to make an effort to keep the engagement in the server natural, authentic, and genuine.

Engagement Reserve

Engagement and exposure is an important part of our strategy we’re building going forward. We have 250 Walkerlists reserved for the first 250 of those to quote retweet our pinned female trailer on Twitter and successfully invite 3 people to our Discord. The invitee must contain a Level 1 in Discord, this rule is in place to hinder botting.

If you meet this criteria, in order to get qualified — open a support ticket if and our mods will assign you the “Walkerlist” role on Discord which will indicate your eligibility status.

Partnerships Reserve

We have a Walkerlist reserve for Partnerships and Collaborations that will be integral to our mission. This is a huge and important component of our expansion strategy. We will be participating in activations with our partners, in which we will be bringing in new members to the community and where there will be many chances to get a Walkerlist, so be on the lookout for those on our Twitter. You may already have heard of the projects we’ll be partnering with, wink-wink!

Activity, Engagement, Recruitment, & Participation Will Be Rewarded

We are looking for meaningful engagement from our community. We will be conducting quizzes, game nights, trivia nights, and competition in order to reward activity and participation for our Walkerlists. Additionally, our mods & team will always be attentive and on the lookout for the top contributing members of our community. These community members may be engaged members on Discord, those who participate in our giveaways, or on social media. As well as for highly active & engaged community members who can organize interesting events (games, contests, quizzes, educational podcasts, etc.), participate in them, and use their talent to support the project!


There will be lottery style raffles as well. More information to come around this soon!

Please stay tuned for Walkerlists announcements and giveaways, on our Discord and social media channels.



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