Cryptowalkers & Altered State Machine Partnership | Interactivity, Interoperability, and Inclusivity in the Open Metaverse

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4 min readJun 21, 2022

Cryptowalkers x Altered State Machine Partnership

We are over the moon to officially introduce our deep partnership with one of the most innovative and groundbreaking movements in this space — Altered State Machine (ASM). ASM is leading the revolution for the democratization of AI by pioneering a world-leading platform and protocol that allows everyone to own, train and trade A.I. via NFT Brains and enables the application of Artificial Intelligence throughout the Open Metaverse.

Cryptowalkers and Altered State Machine share a fundamental vision of an Open Metaverse where value can be created, retained, grown, and shared by individuals and the communities they form. We share a deep drive and desire within our ethos in bringing forth interactivity, interoperability, and inclusivity to the Open Metaverse.

We’ve kicked off this official partnership with a cross-token purchase, signifying a deep, long-term investment in each other for fiduciary and endowed success across both of our collections and communities.

The Superheroine Squadron

Our first activation as partners in a series of long-term strategic initiatives is the introduction of the Superheroine Squadron: The alliance of the beloved AIFA Superheroines and our Female Walker Superheroines to be embodied through a series of: traits in our upcoming female collection, philanthropic initiatives, storytelling, lore, gamification, and more.

Since the origin of our 6,545 Genesis collection of Walkers, we’ve had ambitions to roll out a counterpart Female Collection. The Cryptowalkers team has been in the lab hard at work developing & designing this important milestone in our Open Metaverse mission and journey which truly represents so much more than just a new Collection.

Cryptowalkers next collection will be the launch of our Females. The emergence of our Female collection is rooted in a relentless desire for inclusion for talented women breaking barriers in Web 3 and beyond, diversity, representation, expansion, and growth. With the birth of this collection, we have had a deep desire to work alongside brands that empower women through their ethos and existence. ASM shares this mission to celebrate and amplify female voices and make a conscious effort to provide an inclusive, open space for all Superheroines.

As early adopters and builders of the Metaverse, we hold the power to shape the future. With this power comes great responsibility. When we were at the drawing board brainstorming our alliance, it was a synergistic, natural, conjoining of energies to start with the Superheroine Squadron — as we were surrounded by strong female leadership within both our organizations.

What is a Superheroine? A woman with extraordinary heroic attributes or superhuman powers; a female superhero. Whether you call them superheroines, female superheroes, or just superheroes, there are many female characters in comics whose powers, reputation, actions, and history make them more than ordinary. Here is the first look at our Superheroine Squadron on a mission amidst the apocalypse, in an alliance to fight the status quo, the norms, the walled gardens of the world.

With our alliance, not only do we pay homage to many of the superheroines and villainesses who have enriched popular culture with their diverse and powerful personas — but to female representation in our space and beyond. We intend to immortalize the superheroine trope and what it symbolizes — here in the Open Metaverse.

Stay up to date with the Superheroine Squadron by signing up here.

ASM Brain Integration into Cryptowalkers Gaming Environments

Our partnership does not end here however. Inclusivity is only one component of a deeper alliance. One that will integrate technically, foundationally, and fundamentally. We’re building a P&E Multiplayer Game on Unreal Engine 5 called Cryptowalkers Battlegrounds.

ASM has introduced a groundbreaking wave of opportunity with Non-Fungible Intelligence. Creating democratized, trainable AI models via NFTs opens up entirely new possibilities for non-deterministic game play. We’re excited to work alongside ASM as we explore and drive new paradigm shifts and new frontiers in Blockchain Gaming — starting with integrating ASM Brains into our game and Walker World.

This is a meeting of the minds. One of ASM’s core missions is to empower the world at large to engage with A.I. through gamification and storytelling. At Cryptowalkers, we are excited to explore the ways in which we amplify and power up our global brand P&E metaverse experience with the ASM machine learning protocol.

ASM is providing pathways for the democratization of artificial intelligence that we want to explore within our P&E Blockchain Game, Walker World, and beyond.

About Cryptowalkers

Cryptowalkers is the bleeding-edge creative Blockchain Gaming Studio and NFT Collection at the forefront of Web 3, building an industry leading Multimedia NFT brand for the Open Metaverse that focuses on Play-and-Earn multiplayer gaming with integrated NFTs, digital identity, and cross-world experiences.

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About Altered State Machine

Altered State Machine (ASM) are leaders in the democratization of Artificial Intelligence, creating a world where the value of A.I. flows directly back to the community. ASM’s revolutionary protocol allows everyone to own and utilize A.I. via NFT Brains, also known as Non-Fungible Intelligence™.

Non-Fungible Intelligence™ is interoperable across avatars, games, worlds and other web3 applications, and is trained and owned by each individual user. Join the movement for decentralized Artificial Intelligence with Altered State Machine.

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